Random thoughts on a Tuesday night tour.

Sometimes I go for a little drive out in the country, taking pictures.  And tonight's experience is best portrayed in a recap, on a few thoughts from tonight's excursion. 
"I should go to the grocery store…..what was I gonna get again?"
"I should go for a quick drive first."
"Is this actually a road?"
"What's that high pitched squealing noise coming from the front end of my car?"
"Where'd that moose come from?"
A moose. 
1 moose. 
Me.  Beside a shed. In a field.  With a moose. 
That came out of a shed.
Of all the things I run across….beavers….ducks…..geese. 
This has to be the best thrill yet. 
When I explore abandoned farmyards and old houses, I watch out for old wells…..barbed wire. Badgers. Zombies.  Axe murderers. 
It hadn't occurred to me that I'd turn around and be staring a moose in the face. That just came out of a small shed. 
He was having a nap inside a shed. I saw something move as I was walking towards the building and it kind of startled me, I briefly thought it'd be a bird.
Where do you go from there?  Can't top that for a night. 
This is a moose, isn't it?

Yours truly, Caley