BRANDON, MANITOBA–(April 1, 2017) – The respective ownership groups from HomeLife Home Professional Realty and Remax Valleyview Realty are pleased to announce they are merging their companies effective April 1, 2017.

The merger is seen as the most ideal shift for HomeLife Home Professional Real Estate following an extensive search for a new broker to replace Eleanor McCallum, the company’s current broker, who plans to retire after a very successful 20+ year career in real estate under the HomeLife Higher Standards™ Brand.

Jason Roblin, CEO of Vionell Holdings Partnership (a shareholder of HomeLife Home Professional Realty) says “HomeLife has been a great franchise to work with, their team led by Joseph Lo has been very supportive and accommodating. Unfortunately, there are very few Real Estate Brokers out there who do not already own a brokerage in each market. After realizing attracting a new broker to replace Eleanor McCallum would not be very likely, we began to look at merger options and are happy about the opportunity that has come from this decision”. Mr. Roblin also notes “The team at Remax Valleyview is led by Dave Town, Jodi Logan, Graham Garden and Christie Garden-Conway who I am confident are going to be a very good fit for the agents currently with HomeLife who are looking forward to what the merger will do in terms of continuing a sustainable future for their careers in real estate.”

The new formed brokerage will operate under the Remax banner and combine staff at the existing Remax Valleyview office located at 1040 Princess Avenue. Both agencies look forward in working together to provide excellent service to customers in the Brandon and surrounding areas. No administrative positions were negatively affected as a result of this transaction.

HomeLife Realty Serices Inc. will continue to search for a replacement to reestablish an office in Brandon and expand throughout Manitoba in order to continue to service its numerous customers.

Headquartered in Brandon, Manitoba, Vionell Holdings Partnership (VHP) has operations in Brandon and Thompson. VHP provides rental housing and property management for an array of residential and commercial customers, including Condominium Management. VHP currently has over 2,500 units under management in Manitoba.