Resurrection Auto Detailing & Tint serving Brandon & area


Resurrection was created from a dream, with a cardboard box, a power polisher, basic auto cleaning tools and a passion to create something new and tap into Brandon’s business network.

Resurrection started as a part-time hobby business in 2016 completely mobile, mastering the skill of paint correction and auto detailing, learning and training. After many long hours they found their first “brick and mortar” home on 18th Street in 2018 offering interior and exterior detailing, paint correction, waxing and introducing Ceramic Coating to Brandon for the first time ever, they also dabbled in Mobile Wash Services.

August of 2019 they had to upsize home base from a 2 bay garage to a 6 bay shop and store front located at 245 17th Street North still offering a the same detailing services and paint correction but adding Window Tint, Paint Protection film, Full Service Washes and upgrading to the #1 nano-ceramic brand on the market – Ceramic Pro.

Resurrection was originally started by Darren Darvill and Sahba Zehtab-Jadid as a way to maintain and keep vehicles fresh for years to come. This was a service that Brandon had never been introduced to on a grand scale and a stand alone business. Often offered as a side service or additional service, Darvill saw an opportunity to specialize in the true skill of Auto Detailing and Vehicle Protection. A lifetime passion for all things automotive, his skills truly laid in making vehicles as perfect as can be, which has grown his reputation in Brandon to be the go to place for Detailing and Vehicle/Home Protection.

With the rising costs of vehicles, interest rates and the lack of materials that manufacturers can use within their costs, protection and regular detail maintenance is a MUST. New or Used.

“Vehicles are generally your second largest investment next to your home, protecting them and making sure they look and feel new for years to come is very important to me and that’s why we’re not just detailers but vehicle protection agents as well. We specialize in not only these traits but education on why they are so important.” With the products and service that Resurrection Auto Detailing offers and the lengthy training and certifications they have to support them, it’s no doubt they have such a passion for it and why they have grown so much in such a short time.

Walking into their location you can hear upbeat music, see happy employees working, enjoy a nice clean smell and if you’re in for a quick wash and want to wait they’ll offer you a coffee/pop or water and fun conversation all the while watching your service being conducted through a large glass window.