Rockin The Fields wrap up, organizers already looking ahead to 2020

Tom Cochrane Sunday Night. Photo by: Club Z

For event President Al Logan it was good to get home and have a long shower after spending some long hours and days at Rockin the Fields in Minnedosa.

It isn’t difficult to see that concert numbers have increased over the past years and this year with April WineCollective Soul – and Tom Cochrane as headliners it was clear  what the public wanted.  According to Logan the numbers are not finalized but they hope to have those numbers in the very near future.

The economic spin off is huge and people attended from far and wide.  During Sam Roberts performance he asked “WHO IS FROM SASKATCHEWAN OR WHO IS FROM WINNIPEG” and the crowd was loud and boisterous. “Even the local Co-Op gas station – grocery store saw a huge influx of sales” said Logan. Already major sponsors are contacting them to be involved for 2020.  “That says we are doing something right” added Logan.

All the proceeds of this non-profit event will be go back into site and camping upgrades as well as to help local service clubs and organizations that made the event a true success.

The guy will the most pressure to perform is talent buyer Rob Waloschuk from Yorkton.  Rob and his staff will soon have to get the wheels in motion for 2020 in search of more headline acts.  Logan also did mention to bring in the big name American acts is difficult with the US dollar being as strong as it is because those bands want to be paid in USD.

Logan wants people to know that their committee is going to be mindful for the upcoming Manitoba 150th birthday in 2020 and want to make Rockin the Fields a very special part of that anniversary.