Roller Derby a Legit Sport


If someone said to me a year ago I would be doing a story on Pokemon and Roller Derby I would have said that is a billion to one chance of happening. Well it did happen this past Saturday night.

To my surprise on a warm Saturday night at the Kinsmen Arena, inside the Keystone Centre, the place was jammed or as we like to say in the hockey business “a sold out barn”. My thoughts walking in were that this would be kind of like WWE and well I was dead wrong.

Roller Derby Brandon MB Team Gang Green

Pictured:  Team Gang Green

BDNMB – So Jessica what is your real job?
Jessica – Vigi Salon and Spa.

BDNMB – I am a hockey guy why do you have 6 refs?
Jessica – Instead of a puck their are two skaters that get points, the jammers we have stars on our helmet and one jammer per team, and one ref per jammer. The blockers try to stop us and if we get by them we get more points. So it takes lots of eyeballs to watch everything going on for points and penalties.

Roller Derby Brandon MB Team Gang Green

BDNMB – Would your team play anywhere else?
Jessica – Our games get booked and we have to travel. There are almost 200 Flat Track teams in Canada and we are ranked in the 20’s. So we need to travel so we can rank higher. We went to Boise, Idaho and came in 2nd place.

BDNMB – Financially when these events happen does it help finance you and the team?
Jessica – We have to pay all the time, we practice 4 hours a week, and these games basically pay for themselves. We are always looking for sponsors.

BDNMB – How would sponsors and new players find you?
Jessica – Facebook and our website.

BDNMB – Any final plugs or mentions?
Jessica – Roller Derby is awesome and it now a legit sport and not like wrestling.

Contact the Wheat City Roller Derby League

Roller Derby Brandon MB Team Gang Green

Pictured:  Team Gang Green Extreme Fan