Sebastian Owl Find The Next Level On Their Audio Adventure


The latest long player from this fantastic folk rock unit originally from Westman is chock full of delightfully delicious ditties. On the intriguingly titled "Captain Tomorrow & the Dream Orphans" the band sounds as musically cohesive as ever. Plus their choices of a variety of instruments and enchanting effects on certain selections, not only bolsters their already solid sound and masterful musicianship but keeps things interesting throughout this ambitious 13 track disc. They’ve managed to broaden their sound to impressive lengths as they can go from whisper quiet forlorn folk tunes to rollickingly ballistic barroom stompers from one track to the next. The group made up of Blair Atkinson- (Rhythm Guitar, Piano, Vocals) Ian Russell- (Bass, Vocals) Glenn Radley- (Drums) Logan Mckillop- (Lead Guitar) Brent Waitt- (Mandolin) have truly found the next level on their music making journey.

Blair Atkinson's song writing has grown in leaps and bounds over the years. He's always had the knack for a solid story teller approach but there are many tracks on the new album that display his keen ability to take the listener down many a memory lane. One such case in point is the poignant opening track “Golden Boy.” The track starts off innocently enough as a story about a son seeking his Father's approval. It eventually builds into a righteously raging retrospective rant that begs the question "why is not just being who I am ever good enough?"  Then there’s the touching track “Come the Morning” (track 3) which contains verses of interestingly intriguing introspection involving a past love. Anyone who’s ever endured a break up that periodically causes melancholy recall will relate to this one.  Happily this briefly depressing tale turns into somewhat of a triumphant track and you may be tempted to sing along with the catchy chorus before the conclusion (I’m drunk and I’m broke and I’m all out of smokes….)

There are several other standout tracks that feature Atkinson at his lyrical best such as “Bucket List” and “The Ballad of Captain Tomorrow.” On those aforementioned compositions he is like a wordsmith wielding the power of the pen that can lead you into certain rooms of recollection located in your life's memory banks. He truly has shown significant growth with his song writing with the power to paint visceral pictures in the mind of the listener.

As their catalogue continues to grow (2011’s Between the Foxes and the Wolves, 2012’s The Needle is Broken the Compass Spins, and 2014’s Nowhere in Particular) the group has also grown in leaps and bounds on this their fourth CD. The guys have truly found their sound which will without question help solidify their place on the folk scene. Fans and friends alike have the opportunity to join in on the celebration of the Owl’s newest creation this Friday night at the 40 during their CD Release party which features an opening set of special guests The Young Pixels. Cover charge at the door. There will also be copies of the new disc available at the merch table. Snag one! It will be the perfect addition to your music collection.

"Captain Tomorrow & The Dream Orphans"  – Track Listing

1. Golden Boy 
2. Another Breakup Song
3. Come The Morning
4. Bucket List
5. Only For Tonight
6. The Ballad of Captain Tomorrow
7. South Side of the Sun
8. When I Go
9. Dear Wendy
10. Down to Earth
11. Cocoon
12. Take Me Down Pt. 2
13. Ashes And Ashes

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