Shop for Groceries On Line, OK I Will Give It a Shot


Most of us lead very busy lives so anything that appears to make our lives easier, or saves time, we may as well try it. Today there are many app's geared towards making life easier for everyone.

Some local examples of app’s that can make your day to day lives a bit more simple:

Domino’s Pizza App
Atom Movie App
Starbucks App
Subway App
Booster Juice App

Recently I have seen the ads for Superstore advertising for getting groceries. etc online.

Off the start, I have been loyal to Safeway for decades, but if this idea of using a shopping app can save an hour a week by eliminating having to get a cart, searching for what you want, and all the stop n chats then why not at least explore the idea.

The process is actually very simple and painless. You click on this link, and start to browse the items on your shopping list.

Initially, I made some rookie mistakes, but once you have an idea of what you want you can basically search for anything from chewing gum to cupcakes. You fill up your online shopping cart, pay for your purchase, and then select a time when you want to come pick everything up. LOVE IT, so far. A huge bonus is that they keep a record of what you shopped for so you can always just re order what you have had in the past.

When you arrive at Superstore you pull into the area for pick ups, call the number, and someone inside brings your order to your vehicle and you leave …. Simple.

Local real estate agent Scott Rouire is married, with 3 kids, and loves what Superstore is doing.  "Having three kids I would never go back to the old way of shopping……once you save a profile and do one shop online, it saves what you ordered, and once you have done it a few times it becomes much easier".