Shorts, tank top and bikini season

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Oh wonderful, perpetually tardy Spring…it still tends to sneak up on you…especially
when shorts, tank top and bikini season is approaching. Spring represents new beginnings, transformations and fresh starts. A mini-New Year’s for resolutions. I believe it’s never too late to start over again. It’s the only way to reach your goals. I have a calendar of motivational quotes and when I flipped it to April it said…”The beginning can happen anywhere along the way…” Something about that made me feel better, made me want to get re-started, re-motivated and re-committed to my goals for 2016. What goals have you let slide since the New Year? There is still time…(trust me, mother nature is taking her sweet ass time)

The Zen Zone runs a “6 weeks to May long yoga challenge” every year. It motivates our challengers to get to where they want to be mind, body and spirit by May long weekend.   I am continually inspired by the different challenges that my clients want to accomplish in these 6 weeks. The goals range from quitting drinking alcohol, committing to a daily yoga practice, cutting out soft drinks and refined sugar to starting a regular meditation habit. What a great way to start some healthy habits to take with us through the rest of 2016 and save ourselves a New Year’s resolution for 2017!

Longer days, more sunshine and that smell in the air. Let all these signs of spring launch you back into your routines. Get outside, get back in the gym, hit the yoga studio, whatever moves you. Connect to what feels good for your body and let’s get healthy and feeling better for when summer hits! And bottom line…it won’t hurt for when you put on that bathing suit either…