Side Hustle Winner

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A somewhat cool term made famous by companies such as UBER is the phrase SIDE HUSTLE.  Basically when people work for a company such as UBER or Skip The Dishes and it is called a Side Hustle.

Community Futures Westman recently awarded some local entrepreneurs with prize money to help start their new and upcoming business.

One of the winners is Samuel Solomon whom speaks 4 languages and felt that people that live in Canada and new residents will for sure need a drivers license so he felt that he could use his knowledge of various languages to provide driving lessons.

First of all congrats from us at BDNMB.CA our company firmly believe in supporting local business and up and coming youth entrepreneurs

1 – walk us through your business concept

As someone who moved to Canada from a warmer climate, I instantly came to realize that having a driver’s license is not a luxury, rather a necessity in Canada. People require a driver’s license, not only to get around our cold weather, but also to be able to get jobs and facilitate their lives.

My business concept is to provide affordable, flexible and linguistically accessible (I speak 4 languages and I serve my clients in all of them) driving license lessons. Both for the MPI written test and the MPI road test.

2 – have you felt like you have always been an entrepreneur 

Yes! Big time. I opened my first “business” when I was in high school. I used to customize t-shirts and sell them to my classmates. In addition to my driving school, I am also a freelance website designer ( is fully designed by me). I also had other business ventures in the past, they failed, however, I learned a lot and I continue to learn.

3 – explain to us some of the problems you feel with taking your company to the next level

At this stage, I don’t see problems per se, but the current MPI strike is impacting the whole sector

4 – who are your competitors

Other local driving schools

5 – has your family helped if so explain this more

Absolutely, my family has always been there to motivate me in my business ventures. My parents bought me the driving school vehicle, my brother covered the licensing fees…etc. and they continue to support me morally.
Please feel free to visit my linkedin page for more information about me;