Small town pizza with a big time taste

Rotor's Bakery in Neepawa

Our never-ending quest to introduce our readers to the very best rural dining options this time takes us to Neepawa. Rotor’s Bakery in Neepawa (337 Mountain Ave) has been open for around four years serving not only pizza but also an array of Filipino Bakery items and treats like Pande Pao, Pande Cocoa, Creamy Leche Plan, Milky Loaf Bread, BITSO Bitso and more.

The ultra-filling pizza is made fresh to order and at a really good price point. A large Canadian Choice pizza (pepperoni, mushroom, bacon) only set us back $19.95. As for the pizza itself, they are not shy with the toppings and sauce on the pizza and the dough is soft, relatively light in the middle with a nice crunchy crust.  The family-run business takes pride in their products and the results speak for themselves.

Rotor’s Bakery & Pizzeria Facebook Page:

Please note there is no on-site dining, so you must purchase the pizza to go.

8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
9:00 AM – 7:00 PM