Snow Art


Third-year Brandon University students are enjoying a bit of the brisk outdoors this week as they work on a class project with the help of Winnipeg artist, Chris Pancoe.

Lisa Wood, Assistant Professor of Visual and Aboriginal Art at the University said that they are working in collaboration with Winter Garden and Pancoe to develop a unique snow carving.

“Specifically, my 3D Design class has been prepping for making snow sculptures by thinking about making public art and sculpting maquettes in preparation for these snow forms,” said Wood.

The project just got underway today and work will continue until Wednesday when they plan for it to be complete. The students are working on the corner of 18th Street and Princess Avenue. The sculpture is based on an abstract design created by one of the students. Pancoe looked at all the work and decided what would work best for a snow sculpture and for sculpting, especially for those who have never done it before.

“We are really happy to have Chris here, he’s done a lot of work for Festival du Voyageur, he was part of the team that made Anish Kapoor’s warming hut called “Stackhouse” in Winnipeg last year and is a well-known ceramic based artist,” said Wood.

We’ll be sure to snap a picture of the finished artwork and post it right here on Good luck to the students in creating their art!

artist Chris Pancoe