So which is the hidden gem…Truly, all three.


You'll find another hidden gem, just west of Precision Toyota. An adorable Christmas village display sits just in front of Westbran Training Centre and guides the way to Brandon's outdoor skating oval.

So which is the hidden gem? Truly, all three.

The village is crafted and set up on-site at Westbran Training Centre. It's located at 2005 McGregor Avenue. (Turn at Precision Toyota and drive to the end of the road.) The village consists of a model train, a general store, a church and a log cabin. It's really well done and definitely photo worthy.

Secondly, Westbran Training Centre is a government funded site that offers employment counseling, training and one-on-one skill development services. There are drop in hours Tuesday to Thursday evenings. All services are free of charge. It's a division of WEM (Workplace Education Manitoba).

Thirdly, the skating oval. It's a city-operated, free site where families can ice skate outdoors. There is a warming hut where you can put your skates on and even a port-a-potty on site. The skating oval is lined with Christmas lights and displays are sponsored by Manitoba Hydro.

All three are worth your time and contribute added value in our community.