Stand Proud A Preview of the Ukrainian Pavilion


Ukrainians are proud of their culture and heritage and love to share their customs with others. Being hospitable to a Ukrainian means sharing food and drink, singing, dancing and presenting gifts. That is why the Ukrainian Pavilion is the perfect place for Ukrainians to share their culture with the entire community.


The Ukrainian Pavilion has been part of the Westman Multicultural Festival (formerly the Lieutenant Governor’s Winter Festival) since the inception of the event. This year, the Brandon Troyanda School of Ukrainian Dance is proud to have been handed over the reins (so to speak!) from the Ukrainian Catholic Men’s Club and Ukrainian Catholic Ladies League to organize and run the pavilion. As a result, a few things may look a little different for those who have visited our pavilion before, but the same warm and friendly hospitality still exists!

The pavilion will be full of energy with continuous entertainment. The traditional dancing will feature more than six regions of Ukraine and will showcase a variety of costumes with intricate details related to the specific regions. There will be 85 dancers that hit the stage! We will also have live Ukrainian music and singing. Guests are encouraged to dance – so be sure to bring a partner to the dance floor for a polka!

In addition, Troika Treasures will have a lovely display of souvenirs, jewellery, art, etc. including beautiful psyanky (decorated eggs).


Our menu will feature delicious, customary food and will include favourites such as perogies, borscht (beet soup) and holubsti (cabbage rolls). This year, we are re-introducing a traditional dessert called Khrustyky, known in english as Sweet Nothings.


We will also have vodka (and beer) imported from Ukraine for our guests to sample, as it is customary in Ukraine to toast with vodka. “Za vashe zdorovya” – a toast to your health!


To end the event and wrap up the festival, the band will play a kolomyjka – a continuous grand finale of fast, lively music for everyone to enjoy. The good times don’t stop until the music does!

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