Standard Events


Here's how Wednesday went. It's Thursday now but I'll try to remember the events as they actually happened.

Got up. Didn't mow the lawn.

Are 5 Oreo cookies.


As a mother of 2 busy boys, always on the go, sometimes you need to grab something to eat that's quick.

Side note: Kids weren't here and I wasn't going anywhere.



Cleaned the house a bit. Pinned.

Oh yes. I'm a Pinner.

Pinny McPinnerson.

I'm also a do-er. This combination can result in some serious multitasking. And intermittent twitching under my right eye.

The beauty of Pinterest and Utube?

You can learn anything. From hand painting bamboo trees on a refurbished dresser to changing the tail light on your own car. All before noon.

That totally didn't all happen on one morning before noon.

My point is anyone can do these things. The only difference between those who do, and those who don't is believing that you can. It never occurs to me that I can't try at least. Of course not everybody wants to paint dressers or change their own taillight. Or sew. Or pinch flowers.

I didn't want to change my own taillight. I also didn't want a ticket.

So I tried. And I did.

Back to the Pinterest addiction.

I love LOVE decorating, a good quote, anything funny, music, painting, photography, and also to DIY. Which has led to pinning. So much pinning.

So I like to think of myself as an extreme DIY'er.

To clarify, extreme DIY'ing is not to be confused with skilled DIY'ing. The difference is, that no specific experience or skillful knowledge doesn't stop me. This is where the part I think is "fun" starts. So between my own wild imagination, Pinterest inspiration, and Utube….monkey see monkey do, I've learned everything from how to make your perennials bloom all summer long by strategically pinching the stems, to sewing, to building a bed frame from scratch to how to change my own mitre saw blade. Thanks Bob Villa. There's a chance you saved my life. Or fingers at least.

So the extreme part of the "DIY" is more about the potential for things to go straight sideways.

So then I got my hair done, somewhere after the Oreo cookies, but before the marshmallows.

And nibs.

Which brings to mind how easily I could public sleep while in the hairdressers chair. It's never actually happened (at the hairdresser anyway) but something about that chair and getting your scalp massaged and then that nice warm hairdryer after being cold from having wet hair….goodnight.

So after the hairdresser I thought I'd see if I could find any tornadoes. Or funnel clouds. Or just clouds.

I love taking pictures. I've learned everything I know about that from Utube. And practice of course.

I headed out of town to find something cool.

First I found a beautiful rainbow. And some really wild looking clouds.

I drove up the road a mile and decided to take a turn down what appeared to be a road, in my opinion. Ok it at least appeared to be an opening, and coincidentally right as I slowed to turn, a truck that had passed me earlier, a mile before (as I was parked on the road and running through the ditch to take a picture), just happened to be turning up that same "not really a road-road".

This confirmed, for me anyway, if they were gonna drive up that road then it must be one. I put the 4 cylinder in low, a little lipgloss, and began my journey into the abyss.

At this point they were likely wondering what I was doing.

This isn't new to me. I'm aware that if you're in the middle of nowhere, running around in the field/ditch/swamp/bush, and somebody sees you, they will watch you.

People will stop and ask me if I need help. That's always nice. Thankfully it's never been an axe murderer.

See parents? I'm all grown up, but it's still nice that I know you want me to be safe.

So anyway I started up the not a road-road and part way in, could see it was more of a mud bog event waiting to happen, and my car definitely wouldn't make it through.

Based on experience from "trying".

I told you I like to try.

So I backed up the not really a road trail, and then parked on the side of the real road to continue on with my obsessive photo taking.

Within 2 minutes I could see the truck coming back up the road behind me.

They were slowing down this time.

They asked if I needed help.

I said I did actually. That I needed a 4×4.

The nice gentlemen told me I could hop in with them, since they were driving one.

I asked if they had any candy.

They didn't.

So I thanked them anyway, but politely declined.

We smiled and waved goodbye, and I took a few hundred more pictures.

So here's some projects I learned how to do from Utube and Pinterest, and some shots from the last few days around the area.

Clouds Brandon Mb

Brandon MB

Brandon MB

Brandon MB

Brandon MB

Brandon MB

Brandon MB

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Brandon MB

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