Statement from Christie’s Office Plus

Photo: Jess Buisse

We are very sorry to confirm that the tragic fire of May 19th has completely destroyed our building on Pacific Avenue in Brandon. We are naturally devastated by this loss, but we are relieved to say that all employees and customers were evacuated from the premises safely.  At this point, we have no information on how the fire started.

Although it  is still early in the process, the beginnings of a plan for getting our business up and running again are already underway.   We are  working with our partners  in our buying group to ensure our customers will experience minimal disruption. We ask that you have some patience with us as we work through this process.

Our immediate concerns are for the effects on our employees, customers and community. Christie’s has been a prominent member of Brandon’s business community for many years, and intends to be here well into the future.  We truly appreciate all the messages of encouragement and support that have been received. ..they are really uplifting at a time like this.

The owners and occupants of the other buildings affected by the fire are in our thoughts as well – especially the families from Massey Manor.  It’s heartwarming to see community members step up to support these folks in their time of need, and we sincerely hope that they will continue to be supported as they seek to become re-established in homes.

We especially want to thank  the emergency responders from Brandon and neighbouring communities who  assisted with fighting the fire.  You are all heroes in our books!

You will  have further updates from us as we reorganize and prepare to be back in business. And thanks for continuing to be here for us!