Steppin’ Time Dancing into 24th Anniversary


Steppin’ Time Dance Studio Ltd. is embarking on their 24th year of helping individuals develop and evolve their dance skills, along with building lifelong skills and relationships. 


Over the course of two and a half decades, a lot has evolved on the way to becoming the prestigious professional dance school they are today.


“Many things have changed in the past 24 years,” says Monique Roy-Keller, Owner/Director and Instructor at Steppin’ Time Dance Studio. “We opened the doors in 1995 with two instructors and less than 50 students and now 3 locations later, we own a downtown Brandon building with ten full-time teachers, 60 assistant teachers, and over 400 dedicated dancers.”


Perhaps the most significant change of all can’t be measured by a number. Roy-Keller says the dedication and love of dance in the community has changed drastically over the years.


Not only is Steppin’ Time Dance Studios excited about their past, but they continue to prepare for the future. 


“Every season brings on so many exciting events, including our local Brandon Festival of the Arts. Steppin’ Time has over 200 entries in the Brandon Festival each year,” says Roy-Keller. “Our over 90 competitive dancers take part in conventions and competitions in Calgary, Regina, and Winnipeg. We also have pre-school spring recitals and our highlight of the year will be our year-end recitals in May at the WMCA.”


During the fall dancing season, the instructors aim to give the students a well-rounded dance program.


Roy-Keller explains that they create an atmosphere at the dance studio that will allow every dancer the opportunity to let their creativity, technique, and ability to be on display.


“We want each dancer to love their journey through dance, and all the instructors want to help each of them reach their goals through discipline and hard work while doing something they love!”


Every other year, the fall season of dance goes out with a bang with a Steppin’ Time original dance production. Roy-Keller uses these productions as a way to educate the audience and the performers about essential topics in society – mental health, bullying, etc.


“For this upcoming season we will be training and competing for more than the huge year-end recitals at the WMCA, but we will bring to life a new original production in celebration of our 25th year” explains Roy-Keller.


Learning to dance is so much more than footwork and coordination says Roy-Keller, but it is about being a part of a community.


“We are a community of like-minded children that love to challenge themselves, learn, and perform. Here, children discover their potential and develop skills to last a lifetime.”


Fall registration at Steppin’ Time is currently open, and they are accepting dancers! If you are interested or would like to learn more visit their website at