Streetheart lead singer Kenny Shields dead at age 69


Kenny Shields, lead singer of the popular Canadian rock band Streetheart, has passed away quietly and peacefully early this morning at the St. Boniface General Hospital in Winnipeg MB.  Band-mate Jeff Neill confirmed Shields death Friday on Facebook.  Shields, who hailed from Nokomis, Sask, was 69 yeas old at the time of his passing.

In July, of this year, they had to cancel the entire 2017 tour schedule for Kenny Shields and Streetheart due to Shield’s health concerns.

In lay terms, he has approximately 20% efficiency on the left side of his heart which has caused his right side to become damaged in an attempt to compensate. This has created a dangerous buildup of fluid in his lungs along with other serious internal issues. If not for emergency surgery on Monday by a group of highly skilled and compassionate physicians at the St. Boniface Hospital and the Victoria General Hospital, Kenny would likely not be with us today.

Members of Streetheart, and special guests, will pay tribute to the legacy of the legendary Kenny Shields on August 20th at Winnipeg’s Classic Rock Fest.