Strolling & rolling around Brandon

City of Brandon Pathway along Richmond Avenue

We are really fortunate in Brandon to have over kilometres and kilometres of pathways throughout the city that are well used for jogging, walking, cycling and skateboarding.

This year, the city has allocated $150,000 from the capital budget to the Community Services department for the re-pavement of certain sections of the pathways.

According to a City of Brandon spokesperson, the top priority for enhancement is the pathway along Richmond Avenue from 26th Street to 34th Street. There currently isn’t a timeline on when this project will be complete.

If you’re looking to expand your walking or cycling route, in case you weren’t aware the City of Brandon provides a map of the City Loop Trail, which takes you on a 20 kilometre trip around the entire city. Before you head out, however, you’ll need to find an alternate route to make your way from the Riverbank Discovery Centre to Pacific Avenue due to the recent demolition of the 8th Street bridge. This could be a great opportunity increase the distance of the route and possibly explore some new territory.

And, for those that used to travel on the trails along the Assiniboine River, the City confirmed that newly built dikes will not be re-paved, as they are first and foremost a flood protection structure and not solely recreation infrastructure.

However, different types of surfaces are being considered that might be suitable for the top of the dike system that would be appropriate for recreation, but won’t impede City operations if there was ever a need to heighten the dike again in a hurry.