Strongfront TV is at the Riverbank Discovery Centre this month

Photo: Brandon Riverbank Inc.

Strongfront TV at Brandon Riverbank
A temporary exhibit will be on display at the Riverbank Discovery Centre January 8th – January 19th, 2019 and a film screening will be presented in partnership with Brandon Riverbank and the Assiniboine Food Forest on January 19th, 2019.

Both the display and the documentary film are productions of Strongfront TV, an Indigenous production company that works to “shape the future by reclaiming our heritage and traditions, preserving Indigenous knowledge and sharing resources with the community”.

The mixed media exhibit incorporates two art commentary pieces; “Framing the Residential School Narratives through Landscapes of Resiliency” and “Reflections on Shoal Lake Water” and coincide with the stories shared in the documentary film “Urban Eclipse, Rising Tides of Kekekoziibii (Shoal Lake 40)”.

Exhibit | Framing Residential School Narratives through Landscapes of Resiliency
This series of photo narratives and the multidimensional window arrangements and bricks are inspired by a connection to the stories embedded in the land. The piece includes frames, photos and artifacts that share stories of six residential schools; Birtle Indian Residential School, Cecilia Jeffrey Indian Residential School, Elkhorn Indian Residential School, Guy Hill Indian Residential School, Mackay Indian Residential School, and Spanish Indian Residential School. Each item is accompanied by tobacco ties in acknowledgement of the children taken and the parents left behind, as well as of the Survivors who walked the school’s grounds while sharing their stories.

Exhibit | Reflections on Shoal Lake Water
The Shoal Lake Water Story is deeply entrenched in the landscape and is reflected in this set of windows that were reclaimed from a pump house that was part of an old water intake on the Assiniboine River. The windows serve as a reminder of the local stories embedded in land and memory.

Documentary Film | Urban Eclipse, Rising Tides of Kekekoziibii (Shoal Lake 40)
This 77-minute documentary offers the most detailed account of the Shoal Lake Water Story, as told by the people. The film features over 100 photos and images from archives across Canada.

Exhibit Hours
Riverbank Discovery Centre | January 8th – 19th, 2019 | 8:30am – 5:00pm No Cost | Donations to Strongfront TV can be made at the front desk Film Screening Event
Riverbank Discovery Centre | Saturday, January 19th, 2019 Doors open 1:00pm | Film begins 1:30pm | Conversation to follow

No Cost | Donations kindly accepted | Concession will be available