TELUS expands in Manitoba


They’ve changed names and carriers, but the friendly faces and excellent customer service that you’ve come to expect at Myphone Computers & Electronics / TELUS is one thing that hasn’t changed.

Myphone has been in business since 1988 and is locally owned and operated by Tracy Kerluke and Samantha Falloon. As they’ve recently become a TELUS dealer, because of the sale of MTS, they’ve spent the past few months learning all about their new carrier and are excited to educate customers on what TELUS has to offer.

“We have what’s called a network guarantee. If you live in the country and were with MTS and for some reason your phone doesn’t work, TELUS will send a technician out. The network specialist will follow up with you, they will call you, they offer solutions; there’s a lot of support in the province. TELUS is really prepared to make sure that they succeed here and that it’s a seamless transition for the customer,” said Falloon.

When Bell purchased MTS, they signed a network agreement that gives TELUS full access to the BellMTS network system in Manitoba. Plus, TELUS has their own towers in Brandon, Winnipeg and along the #1 Highway.

“At minimum, your coverage will be as good as you had before, but more than likely better than what you had,” said Falloon.

In addition, in order for the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission  (CRTC) to approve the purchase of MTS, Bell had to divest a third of their wireless subscribers, as well as part of their dealer channel to ensure that there continue to be strong competition in Manitoba in the telecommunications industry.

“If there’s more competition, that often means better pricing for the customers.”

For customers who were previously with MTS, those that were selected for migration (to TELUS) will receive a letter explaining what options are available to them. For customers who have received a letter, the staff at either the Shoppers Mall or Virden locations of the Myphone Computers & Electronics / TELUS stores will be more than pleased to explain the changes and provide you with more information on TELUS.