The Burning Bale’s evolving menu keeps people coming back

Steak Sandwich ... made with beef tenderloin on a closed garlic butter toasted Kaiser with a little horse radish mayo and onion

About a year ago at this time, we were fortunate enough to visit a little restaurant in Elgin, MB called The Burning Bale. The article we published following our visit ended up as the 2nd most viewed posting of the year (over 16,000 views to date) on our web site.

In speaking with Chef Germain recently he said that his business, like all other restaurants, has been affected by Covid-19. While the traffic flow has remained steady at supper time, as his clients are tied directly to the agricultural community, he is missing out on the daily lunch travelers who typically would stop in on their way to a neighboring community. They have also cancelled breakfast for the time being, due to no seating being available in the restaurant. Even though the supper crowd remains strong, he said it is all relative to what it was before.

One asset the restaurant does carry forward is the ever-evolving menu. Several items (additional wraps & Poutines) that used to be daily specials found their way onto the main menu at the start of summer. The restaurant first opened at the end of May 2019 and Germain now has a greater sense of what keeps people coming back. Over the last several months he has introduced new daily specials like a Mozza Steak Melt, Bourbon Pepper Steak Poutine, Tracksuit Burger, and a Chicken Parm Kaiser. Pizza sales remain especially strong. The restaurant also hosted a very successful New Year’s Eve menu and is planning similar for Valentine’s day.

To see their hours of operation, full menu, or to see the daily specials, please follow their Facebook page.

Sweet & Sour Crispy Chicken & Fried Rice w/ Slaw
Mozza Steak Sandwich Melt
Bourbon Pepper Steak Poutine
Black dry brined pulled Pork…braised with a little bourbon and Dr.Pepper!
Stream & Pasture .. Shore lunch style Pickeral with sliced Roast Beef Tenderloin..served with fries and dilly Coleslaw!!
Burning Bale Pizza
Chicken & Mushroom Neptune Soup … it has chicken breast , mushroom, cream cheese and crab, lobster style pieces and sweet peas