Sandhill Natural Feel, local business offering products made from all natural ingredients

All Natural Skin Product Gift Basket - Anti-Aging Night Cream, Sugar Scrub, Sunscreen, Heel Butter and Soap Bars

Brandon’s Koren Hamilton has created a new locally owned business called Sandhill Natural Feel.  The key word being “natural” as she is selling everything from a tattoo sun protection cream, scented soap bars, homemade anti-aging skin creams and more which are made from all natural ingredients.  Koren’s business is just one month old and she got the idea from when she attended a local market in Brandon this summer where vendors were selling homemade soap, including a vendor from Niverville.  Hamilton states that she is a creative person when it comes to making things from natural ingredients.

BDNMB.CA asked Hamilton where people could find and purchase her products.

I opened a small business on where I currently advertise my homemade products, as this was probably the easiest of routes to get a shop started as well they sell customer’s products from all over the world. Having a small business owner as a neighbor certainly helped me with getting my shop set up and answering questions, as I had so many! The response so far has been better than expected, as I really didn’t expect some sales to come as fast as they did.   People can visit my shop at  I also post items on my business Instagram page  @sandhillnaturalfeel.  For purchasing, people can either order through Etsy (I do offer a free shipping code where I deliver to them) or message me with an order and I’m more than happy to deliver to Brandon.

My products listed in my shop are made from all natural ingredients; Organic Shea, Cocoa, Mango, Kokum Butters and Coconut Oil as well as a number of other oils and ingredients in which I take these ingredients to create a final product, package them and post for sale.  Items I have made include; Body Scrub, Deodorant, Sunscreen, Heel butter, Body Butters, Tattoo Sun Protectant Cream and Homemade variety of Soaps. I just recently added a favorite, Anti-Aging Night Cream to my list of products and at this time, I believe these will be the main items I will concentrate on producing until I get a better idea of what customers are wanting.

Koren feels right now her goal is to provide small business stores with her products to get the word out, in sddition to going to local markets held in Brandon and area.  Hamilton says she is having fun with this new venture and that is what is important.

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