The Huron Carole Make up Concert at the WMCA


 "As a result of the Manitoba weather and road closures that prevented the Huron Carole cast and crew from arriving this past Tuesday, it has become a win-win for Westman!! Tom Jackson has offered to fly back from Calgary, at the conclusion of the tour, to perform for us here, in Brandon, on December 20th. This generosity means that the show will be a different one, but certainly a wonderful one!

Our local artists are all still on board to delight us for the first half of the show. Then, we have Tom, all to ourselves, for a full, one man, up close and personal concert. Rather like having Tom Jackson singing to you in your living room!! This will be Tom Jackson as we have not had an opportunity to see him for many years! Please hang on to your tickets. If you don't have your tickets yet, please call the WMCA Box Office at 204-728-9510 or visit

Brandon, let's get out and show our appreciation for this Officer of the Order of Canada and recipient of the Governor General's award for lifetime artistic achievement!"