The Perogy Lady & More


The Perogy Lady (Sandra Fraser) has been making and selling perogies in Brandon and area for the past two years.  Prior to conducting business in Brandon, Sandra had been selling perogies in Saskatchewan for five years.  Her recipes come from her mother and she initially got started in the perogy making business as a way to be able to be with her children.   By working for herself, and starting a family owned business, she was now able to take her children to their activities and school. At the time she started the business her youngest was only two, she didn’t have time to place him into a daycare, and it provided her the perfect opportunity to watch him grow up.

Currently, the Perogy Lady, makes her perogies using the kitchen at the ANAF and she plans on setting up a retail location in Brandon in the not too distant future.  The top selling menu item is her cheese & bacon perogies.  She also has a limited time offering which is called the Canadian Perogy (Potato, Maple Syrup & Bacon).  These perogies are already cooked so you just need to reheat them, whether you boil, fry, bbq, or bake them.  In addition to the popular Ukrainian dish she has many other items available for sale including cabbage rolls, lasagna, cheesecake and another items soon to be announced.

Today orders can be placed with The Perogy Lady by calling/texting her at 204-901-0846, through her website, or emailing her at If you place an order online it will take a couple days for turn around as they make the perogies fresh for every order. Pick up can be arranged at the ANAF on Mondays and Tuesdays by letting Sandra know in advance.

At The Perogy Lady & More, creating and cooking is her passion.  She uses only the freshest and finest ingredients to create her FOOD that will fill your belly and warm your heart. Your taste buds will be happy you did. Check her out as she delivers to various locations in Manitoba and her products are sold in some stores near you.  She will be at Sportsmen Park starting Saturday June 18 until September Long.