Tim Hortons Westman installs “Call Home for Christmas On Us” phone booth


Tim Hortons Westman continues to giveback in the communities they serve.

For most people one of the highlights of the holiday season is often spending quality time with family and friends. Your local Tim Hortons (18th St) have created a unique way to help spread the holiday joy to those who, for one reason or another, are unable to spend time in person with their loved ones. They have recently installed a “Call Home for Christmas On Us” free phone booth into the location where they are encouraging people to stop in and call friends/family anywhere in the world. Franchise owner Rhonda Pardy tells bdnmb.ca that so far quite a few people have stopped by to place a call. Last evening the establishment was visited by a homeless person who was able to communicate with family for the first time in over three years. The concept for the phone booth came from fellow franchisee Greg Crisanti and this is the first year they have offered the service.

Tim Hortons Westman also supports a number of organizations throughout the year including the Timbits hockey and soccer programs, Tim Hortons Children’s Foundation camps, Helping Hands Soup Kitchen, United Way, Brandon Christmas Cheer, and more.