“Top 10 Questions Left to be Answered in Brandon This Summer”


With the most recent announcement of both Goodlife Fitness the Sobey's south end location moving into the Brandon Shoppers Mall the guessing game can now end as to what will become of those spaces.  Those are just two of the many questions that people in Brandon and the Westman area have been discussing if coffee shops, work spaces and social media the past several months.

While these items can be crossed off the list there still remains many unanswered questions regarding various topics of conversation in the Wheat City.  As a result we would like to present the “Top 10 Questions Left to be Answered in Brandon This Summer”.

“Top 10 Questions Left to be Answered in Brandon This Summer”
In no particular order.

10.  What will become of the development on the property located at 3409 Victoria Ave in regards to potential tenants and future site development?  Plenty of space to work with.

9.  When will the Sportsplex pool reopen?

8.  Will the rumors of a struggling Sandhills Casino reignite the City to look into relocation closer to Brandon City limits?

7.  Kelly McCrimmon, will he return in his role as coach and GM of the Brandon Wheat Kings for 16/17?

6.  Can the Town Centre attract a new restaurant to occupy the space vacated by the newly departed Remington's?

5.  Will Brandonites utilize the Westjet flights to Toronto so they remain as part of the regular flight schedule after the busy summer travelling season?

4.  What, if anything, will become of the prime real estate space which once housed the Western Motel?

3.  Will the Keystone Centre ever allow commercial development on the Keystone grounds along Richmond Ave?

2.  East Side Mario's web site (http://www.eastsidemarios.com/locations/) indicates they are coming to Brandon?  Potential locations?

1. What new questions/rumors will arise in the coming months allowing us to publish a second edition of “ Top 10 Questions Left to be Answered in Brandon this Summer."