Changing of the guard


Twenty plus years at any job in today’s day and age is rare.   Today Tyler Glen Morning Man of Star FM  will step away from the microphone on December 18th leaving a 30 year broadcasting legacy.

Tyler will remain as the stations Program Director.  Being a Program Director according to Glen is like a hockey coach getting his hockey players ready for a game.   Arranging on air talent – supervising what they say on air and as well digitally what they say on social media.  Plus dealing with advertisers to a degree, promotions and contests, and music selection and staying within CRTC compliance.

Glen is happy that in this day and age of downsizing and automation that his stations have not done that.   He did say that his job is filled with various “mind fields” that you have to navigate through.

One of his favorite memories was the Star Jet that they started in 2006 and would fly fans of the station to Mexico plus not to mention doing his morning show.  Thousands of people over those years Tyler had a unique chance to interact with those listeners for 7 days in Mexico.  Now with the good comes the bad memories as he says without a doubt COVID 19 and flying back on the Star Jet and landing in Winnipeg and finding out the NBA cancelled their season and it was a snowball of cancellations and news that Tyler and the Star Jet listeners found out once they landed in Winnipeg.

People can critique music on any station and he says that is and will be always difficult to make a station that everyone likes.  Of note Tyler says he really isn’t a huge music fan or have a favorite artist but feels he is more of an entertainer.

No on air replacements have been selected and will be announced within a few weeks.

BDNMB.CA did report earlier this year that Tyler has a professional voice over company where he will voice and produce TV and Radio commercials for companies all over the world so his voice will still live on.