Ugly Bathroom Makeover Contest


Thank-you to everyone who entered the bathroom makeover contest. We received an abundance of entries, many of them submitted in the final few days. Some of the entries submitted contained no contact information, outside of the email address, and a number of the entries were submitted from outside of Brandon. Therefore we are taking some additional time to contact each entry to determine their contact information, and to determine if they reside in Brandon. Once we have been able to confirm their eligibility requirements, we will post the final 5 selections and commence with the voting period lasting the 21 days.


Bathroom makeover rules & regulations.

  1. Starting November 1st people wanting to enter will be asked to submit in their photos (maximum 3 photos) of their ugly bathrooms to or Photos have to be submitted by end of day on the 25th of November to be considered. Included with your photos must be your contact information and your street address.

  1. A panel of experts will then have 7 days to review all the submissions and select the 5 ugliest bathrooms who will move on to the voting period. The panel will consist of Darryl Wolski (BDNMB.CA), Geoff Gregorie (Contractors Corner), and Caley Brown (Caley Brown Photography).

  2. The 5 final finalists along their their pictures will be posted on the web page on December the 2nd. People will then be encouraged to vote for who they feel has the ugliest bathroom and for who they think most deserves the makeover. Voting will restricted to one vote per day, per user. Voting will last until the 23rd of December Whoever receives the most votes will be contacted by

  3. BDNMB.CA will promote the contest and voting our our social media pages as well as our web page.

  4. Contest eligible to residents of Brandon.

Important Details and Dates

Only submissions received through via email by 11:59pm CST on November 25, 2016 will be considered.

We will announce the five finalists on December 2, 2016. Voting will begin on December 2nd, 2016 and the winner(s) will be announced December 23, 2016.