Under Pressure Irrigation and Turf, installing residential, commercial, and sport sprinkler systems


Under Pressure Irrigation & Turf (owned by Kyle Ratz) installs residential, commercial, and sport field irrigation. He has been in business doing sprinklers as Under Pressure Irrigation since the summer of 2016, expanded and became Under Pressure Irrigation and Turf last fall.

Kyle tells bdnmb.ca “Automatic sprinkler systems allow you to water at night for better coverage and less evaporation. A professional design makes sure the water hits its target and is not wasted. Properly set, a sprinkler system can actually save water compared to typical watering from a hose and above ground sprinkler”.

Under Pressure Irrigation and Turf

Install length tends to vary depending on size. Small to average size jobs can usually be done in one day, larger jobs can take a bit longer. All installs are done with a vibratory plow eliminating the use of a trencher.  Install prices vary depending on design and landscape shape.

A typical summer maintenance package runs at $179 and includes startup, midsummer checkup and winterization.  Under Pressure Irrigation and Turf now offers soil prep, seeding, fertilizing, and most other turf related jobs as well.