Valentine’s Tips


Valentine's Day is around the corner. Like it or love it, it's a warm and fuzzy holiday that dominates an otherwise cold and frosty February in Manitoba

Regardless of your marital or financial status you can find ways to enjoy the holiday with those around you.

Here's a couple ideas to get your creativity flowing, for whichever category you see yourself in

For kids: Heart shaped pizza from your favourite pizza place or grocery store. At home, use a heart shaped cookie cutter to theme everything from eggs and pancakes at breakfast to sandwiches in their packed lunch.

For your co-workers: Bring cupcakes to the office, or put a bowl of cinnamon hearts on your desk.

For singles and friends: Pick up a great bottle of wine and some chocolates for a rom-com movie night at home.

For your girlfriend: You've got dinner reservations booked already, right? Seriously, you're already late calling your favourite restaurant if you think you're getting in on the 14th. So, stop reading & call now!Flowers, of course! For extra mileage send the flowers to her workplace, you'll have her co-workers fawning over her and make her feel extra special.

For your boyfriend: Your turn to treat to a movie night out. Or there's always lingerie. He'd probably like lingerie.

For your wife: A weekend away. Somewhere with no dishes or laundry or responsibilities. It's even better if there's a spa or breakfast in bed included. And roses, of course. She's your classic beauty.

For your husband: His favourite dinner and cocktail, with dessert in front the Jets' game on TV or by the radio to listen to the Wheat Kings while these teams are on the road.

Just treating yourself? Do what you love! Eat what you love! Be joyful!

Hate the day? Well, grin and do your own thing. It's just a blip in time. One Tuesday in February