Well that's a wrap. I've made it. Of the 4 billion pictures I've spammed everyone's Facebook and Instagram feeds with, this is the moment I've (and probably some of you) have been waiting for. The last pictures I'll ever post.

Kidding. I'm not stopping.

Today, I have reached the ultimate goal, and no longer feel the need to compulsively take pictures of everything that moves.

And doesn't move.
Or moves sometimes.
Or not.

The ever elusive squirrel. (Read as "the actually can't swing a dead cat without hitting one squirrel").
Sure. They're all over. Adorable and furry. And of all the things I've learned about taking pictures, I could NOT get a clear shot of a squirrel. It shouldn't be that hard. It is.

And note to farmers, I will not be shooting them with anything other than my camera, I'm so sorry.
I love them.

Thanks first of all to my Mom for lending me her new and expensive zoom lens. I'm sure you can easily order another one from Amazon. You're the best Mom. I already have all your other stuff, I know, I know…

And now, I'm off to get a nice fresh and delicious loaf of bread so I can feed that fuzzy little bundle of cuteness, and maybe I'll be able to pet him someday.