Vase Used in Assault, Naked Brandon Man Chokes Woman During Fight


A 34 year old Brandon male has been arrested for Assault with a Weapon x 3, Forcible Confinement, Uttering Threats following as the results of an ongoing investigation. Police say the accused had thrown a vase at the victim, cutting her leg in the process. The victim suffered bruising and cuts which had previously been treated. In addition to having a vase tossed in her direction, the victim was also struck with a phone charger, and barricaded in their apartment so she was not able to exit.

Domestic Assault While Naked

A fight outside of a west home home in has lead to the arrest of a 30 year old Brandon man. Saturday morning Police say they received a report of a man and woman fighting and upon arrival they observed a naked male trying to choke the victim. The victim did not want any medical assistance and the accused now has an April court date.