Vincent Massey Vikings hockey team completes 4-peat


A 4-peat in any sport is almost unheard of however tonight in Killarney the Vincent Massey Vikings were able to make the impossible a reality.  The Vikings upended the Killarney/Wawanesa Raiders 6-5 on Tuesday evening, after entering the 3rd period down 4-2.  The Vikings swept the best of 3 series.

BDNMB.CA caught up with Vikings head coach Dan Landry immediately following the game.

BDNMB.CA: Does it get any better than this?
Dan Landry: “Not at all, we scored two goals in the last 3 minutes and from the sticks of our best players…I really thought we were going back to Brandon on Thursday”.

BDNMB.CA: Any unsung heroes emerge?
Dan Landry: “Riley Compton had his best game, didn’t turn the puck over….. he was a black ace last year.   He went from not being in the lineup last year to being on the ice this year in the last 30 seconds”.

BDNMB.CA: Personally, I don’t think your team has received the recognition it deserves.  Do you feel that this is a pretty special team and program?
Dan Landry: “I would be very disappointed if we didn’t win “Team of the Year” with what we have done…not only this year but over the past 4 seasons”.

“The kids expect lots from us, but for sure this is an incredible moment for myself” said Justin Perreaux, an assistant coach, when asked how he would rank this among his other hockey experiences.

People really have no clue how much time and effort goes into not just hockey but all High School sports and BDNMB.CA would like to send a big shout out to the coaches Dan Landry, Justin “Schmo” Perreault, as well as Ricky Nicholson for all the hours they spend on and off the ice.