Visa Gift Card Fraud Alert


Source: Brandon Police Service Media Release

On December 14, 2021, Brandon Police Service was made aware of an attempt to defraud the public using brand new, still in the package VISA Gift Cards.  Fraudsters are taking the gift cards from the store without purchasing them.  They somehow then gain access to the package and remove the card.  The portion of the card that contains the card information needed to redeem it is cut off.  The remainder is then placed back inside the plastic packaging and re-sealed with little evidence of being opened.  Fraudsters keep the card information portion.  They then take the gift cards back to the store where they are placed back on the shelf for purchase.  Once the gift card is purchased and loaded with funds, the fraudsters access it with the gift card information they cut off.  After Christmas when the recipient of the gift card attempts to use it the funds will already be used.  If you are purchasing any gift cards this holiday season please beware of any signs the packaging has been tampered with.