VLT’s in Manitoba

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Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Manitoba issued letters to Hotels and Restaurants which have VLT machines that changes are coming.

Since 1991 Manitoba VLT’s maximum spin was $1.25 and in 2017 the spin maximum will increase to $2.50

Maximum payouts will increase to $2500.00 per win (currently the maximum win is $1,000.00)

These changes are due to the increase in casino’s in Manitoba and the fact that customers are now travelling more to one of the 5 Manitoba based casino’s, or travelling out of province.  Local smaller hotels that need this revenue source for remain in business have felt a change in revenue over the past few years.

Nobody from Lotteries & Gaming Authority would comment on this story plus Addictions Foundation of Manitoba also refused to make a comment at this stage.

A hotel owner from outside of Brandon stated he feels the new changes will not make a big difference “ people only have so much money maybe they will just spend it quicker now”. He also informed BDNMB.CA that people will have a few drinks and now maybe they won’t be doing this. Another hotel owner from the Interlake told us tonight his concern was about having more cash on hand for ATM Machines and payouts as most customers want cash and not a cheque if they win. “ With more cash on hand it is possible to see more hold ups that have happened in Selkirk and Lockport over the past 12 months."