Volunteers Hard at Work, West End Community Centre rinks ready for public use tomorrow

After a fairly heavy snowfall, snow is removed by a volunteer off of the smaller ice surface at the West End Community Centre.

West End Community Centre volunteers were seen early this morning working hard to clear the snow off of the two ice surfaces at the centre after a weather system dropped about 10 centimetres of snow on the city.


The volunteers have spent many hours flooding the rinks to get them ready for the season and they are pleased to announce that the West End surfaces will officially open and be ready for public use tomorrow!


This is great news for Brandon School Division students as there is no school on Friday. The West End Community Centre is located at 247-23rd Street. They have two ice surfaces, one for hockey and one for exclusive to skating without sticks and pucks. So gear up, take advantage of the great forecast and enjoy your first outdoor skate of the year!


If you’re not into skating, but find the winters to be long and boring why not consider volunteering at your local community centre? Many of the centres rely on local volunteers (as well as donations) to keep the doors open and as we all know, many hands make light work.


For details and contact information on Brandon’s community centres, visit: http://www.brandon.ca/community-centres/centre-information.


A West End Community Centre volunteer finishes up an early morning snow clearing session on the hockey rink.