WCG Connecting Westman Tour Has Record-Breaking Year External Saved


– Westman Communications Group (WCG) has concluded its 2023 Connecting
Westman Tour. After visiting five communities this summer, the Tour raised $23,917.30 for local initiatives and charities through charity barbecue events. This total surpasses the previous amount set during the Tour’s inaugural year in 2019 of $13,700.

The Connecting Westman Tour was created as a way for WCG to connect with the communities it serves and raise funds for an initiative chosen by residents in those communities. The Tour was started in 2019 with three stops, followed by four locations in 2022.

The 2023 Connecting Westman Tour increased the number of communities visited, expanding to five locations, including Swan River, Onanole, Melita, Carberry, and St. Claude. Initiatives and charities supported this year were the Swan Valley Animal Protection League, the Onanole Elementary School Parent Group, the Melita Central Park Project, the Carberry and Area Community Foundation, and St. Claude’s Mile 60 Park.

After matched donations from WCG, the total raised reached $23,917.30. On this year’s Tour, the highest amount was raised in one community, with St. Claude’s event amassing a total donation of $11,230.70. With three years of Connecting Westman Tours in the books, over $50,000 has been donated to initiatives throughout Manitoba.

“2023 has been a record year for the Connecting Westman Tour, and we couldn’t be more
excited about its continued success,” said WCG Marketing Manager Brandi Crowe. “The
tremendous levels of attendance that we experienced this year were a wonderful reminder of the importance of supporting the communities we serve. We’re excited to continue further initiatives to foster growth within the communities we serve.”

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