WCG #ConnectingWestman Funding Program Now Open to Applications


Westman Communications Group (WCG) is pleased to announce that its
#ConnectingWestman Funding Program is now open to accept applications. The company established the Program in May 2021 and has provided several sponsorship grants to local charities, organizations and initiatives to support meaningful initiatives in their communities.

This year, WCG is inviting elementary and secondary schools from any of the 57 communities the company currently serves that have initiatives to improve their students’ learning experiences, existing programs or facilities to apply for funding support through the #ConnectingWestman Funding Program. All applications should be submitted through the online form on the company website no later than November 30, 2022.

“It is WCG’s social responsibility to give back to our communities. We are proud and honoured to have the opportunity to support and fund impactful initiatives important to their development,” explains Courtney Baxter, Westman Communications Group Marketing Manager. “This year, we wanted to focus on our youth and to improve their learning experience by funding some of their schools’ key programs.”

For more information on how to apply for sponsorship grants and to keep up to date on the #ConnectingWestman Funding Program, follow WCG on social media or head to