Westjet, Let’s talk Toronto

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Let's talk Toronto. It won't be much longer now, before Westjet starts flying directly from our airport, (YBR) to Toronto (YYZ). 

I think that it's wise to book this route early, for two reasons. Firstly, with the vast number of connections to cities around the world that you can make from Toronto, I think our connector flight will be in high demand. 

The second reason is to prove to Westjet that this is an in-demand flight. If the planes are full and people are using this service, then we might hold onto it past the trial period. If Toronto flights continue through this winter, there is an incredible number of hot destinations we can conveniently fly to. 

Think about it, if you could fly from Brandon and be in Jamaica 7 hours later, wouldn't you do it? Yes, yes, I would. (Yes, now vacation packages almost anywhere are available from Brandon!)

Just imagine NOT having to drive to Winnipeg in a blizzard and pay $100 to park at the Winnipeg airport. It would be a new found independence for Westman residents. So, act now and pave the way for winter freedom. 

The first bargain I see, is a return fare, taxes included at $359. Leaving July 6th, returning July 12th. That's just YBR to YYZ. Big city bargain!

I couldn't find a route schedule off Westjet.com but by my observations, your direct Brandon to Toronto flights just leave Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.