Westjet opens their new A1-A5 gate wing


Next time you're in Calgary airport and looking for your gate to get home to Brandon, things will look a little different!

Actually, it looks amazing! That "A1" gate that leads to your YBR flight is now much more than a cement hallway and an auxiliary walk on gate. 

Less than a month ago, Westjet opened their new A1-A5 gate wing. It has a plethora of comfortable chairs, a little kiosk to buy snacks and magazines, plus new washrooms. 

We were there just after it was open and travellers were reluctant to make their way past the balloons and down the long, cold, cement hall. Indeed, even once you got to the A1 sign, nothing looked different. The key was to go 10 steps further and look to the right side. The new waiting room was huge and heated.  The washrooms were equally fabulous. If you recall the small, worn, and very busy washrooms next to the food court by the "old A1" you will be very impressed by the new washrooms down the hall. I wasn't sure people would believe me and since I was the only person around, I snapped a photo for my readers. 

Next time you're waiting at YYC for a flight back to YBR, definitely go down the hall to the new waiting area, and go early. When you leave that main concourse, it will feel like adding a peaceful and exclusive 30 minutes to your vacation.

Calgary Airport