Westman Dreams for Kids Celebrates 25 Years


25 years is really an eternity in today’s day and age for being married – working at the same job – or operating a locally based charity.

Brandon’s Dreams for Kids has done that by existing over 25 years in Western Manitoba.

According to one of the founders Ron Ball the key to the future is being able to generate funds on a annual basis. “ Our board is very active in the community doing various fund-raising ideas”.

From Day 1 we were lucky have people like McDonalds come on board and Gary Buckley that gave us instant credibility. According to Ron Ball and Borden Hadley McDonald's is a key piece to where Dreams for Kids is today. McHappy Day and the Annual McDonald s Classic Golf Tournament are two of our greatest fundraisers throughout the year. Ball and Hadley both joke that when they walk into local business either the business owner is ducking to hide from them,or is going to grab the cheque book.

The Brandon Wheat Kings Goals for Kids program will raise on average $10,000 dollars per season and has generated close to to $300,000 dollars since the program was created. Plus there are other amazing stories like creating a Children’s Wing at the Brandon General Hospital. Dreams was able to donate $150,000 dollars and that was used to leverage Government funding of 2.8 million dollars. All amazing local success stories.

BDNMB – so walk me through the process how does a family apply for assistance or help?
Ron Ball – most of the time people come to us through referral’s from friends and family members and that is where everything starts.

BDNMB – how many families will Dreams for Kids assist on an annual basis?
Borden Hadley – we would have about 40 – 50 families that would get assistance per year.

BDNMB – I will direct this question to Angie what is the key to keeping Dreams for Kids being successful?
Angie Ball – We always need more awareness and social media is a huge factor in spreading news.

BDNMB – Being a local charity is that an advantage, so to speak, when you go up against larger national charities.
Ron Ball – Some people don’t realize we are locally based.

BDNMB – Question for both Ron and Borden would you hope that Dreams for Kids will be your legacy?
Ron and Borden – Yes for sure.

BDNMB – Charities are always looking for new people is it safe to say that Dreams is looking for "new blood”?
Angie and Ron – Yes for sure we are and they can access our website or Facebook page to contact us.

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Pictures from this years golf tournament.

Westman Dream for Kids Brandon MB  BDNMB

Westman Dream for Kids Brandon MB  BDNMB

Westman Dream for Kids Brandon MB  BDNMB

Westman Dream for Kids Brandon MB  BDNMB

Olympians at the 25th Anniversary of the McDonalds classic! That's pretty cool. Reid Carruthers and Jared Funk.