Westman Volt hockey receives funding from Westman Inspire


Westoba Credit Union is proud to announce $10,000.00 in funding from the Westoba Inspire program in support of Westman Volt Hockey.

Members from the Westoba Board and Executive team were treated to a demo of the Volt
Hockey Sport and were impressed by the passion shared by the volunteers and players involved in this inclusive sport.

“Maneuvering this chair is harder than it looks,” said Westoba President and CEO, Jim Rediger. “I’m impressed with the skill and dexterity the players have developed in the short time this sport has been established in Brandon; investing in this sport aligns with the innovative thinking and inclusion Westoba prides itself on.”

Originating in Sweden, the sport of Volt Hockey features players facing different unique abilities or developmental challenges guiding 120-pound, battery-charged chairs via a joystick. A hockey blade is mounted at the front of each cart so players can flick the ball into the other team’s net.

As a new sport to Canada and the only club of its kind in the Westman area, Westman Volt
Hockey is an inclusive sport that has built a community that intends to grow.

“We range in age from 8 to 58 and all abilities,” said Team Coach, Chad Wallin. “For many of our players, this is the first time they have had the opportunity to play a sport, to be on a team, to participate in competition.”

Westman Volt Hockey currently meets weekly at the Keystone Centre. “We have been very
fortunate to have rental space available at the Keystone Centre that allows us to keep our
arena set up and our game chairs stored; having to move out for larger events taking place, does disrupt our season but for now, this is working well for us, and we are grateful to have this facility.”

Wallin said enrollment in the sport continues to increase and they may need to expand the
program to accommodate more players. “Right now, we run weekly for 3 hours. With more
people wanting to play, we are looking at our options so we can allow more players to have this opportunity.”

Funding from Westoba Inspire has been used to purchase new arena boards which helps the team to structure their games. As the 2023 National Volt Hockey Champions, the club has their sights set on the world championship that takes place annually in Sweden.

“Taking our players to Sweden to compete is a dream,” said Wallin. “We never imagined how quickly our players would adapt to the game but now with a National Championship under us, a World Championship competition is our next goal.”