Westoba Donates to Two Community Projects in Glenboro

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Westoba provided funding to two community projects in Glenboro this week. The Gaiety Theatre Lobby Renewal and the Glenboro Community Primary Playground.

“The Glenboro Gaiety Theatre has been in operation since 1941,” said Leanne Gates, Glenboro Gaiety Theatre committee secretary. “It is an integral part of the social fabric of our community, having a local theatre to offer a movie on a rainy day or just to get out of the sun is win-win for the province and our municipality!”

The theatre lobby renewal comes at a critical time for the community. New health guidelines have created challenges for the theatre. “Since COVID-19 has been a part of our life, we have had to shut down completely since April 2020,” said Gates. “That has been a huge financial burden with respect to loss of revenue. To reopen, we have to comply with public health guidelines and the layout of our lobby currently does not allow that.”

The committee is taking the opportunity of the current theatre closure to fund-raise and get started on the renovations, so they are ready to open when the health restrictions are lifted.

The Glenboro Community Primary Playground project aims at replacing old and unsafe playground equipment as well as developing a small new build playground in the existing park area. “Putting a new primary aged, focused structure will be a huge asset to our small community,” said Kevin Newton, Glenboro Community Playground Executive Member. “The playground gives youth and families a place to go and spend time together while working on fitness, growth, and social interaction.”

“Investing in our community is a priority for Westoba,” said Marie Bodnarchuk, Carberry & Glenboro Westoba Branch Manager. “We see so much value in both community facilities. Our staff is proud to support the work of these volunteers.