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I think every weekend these words are mentioned all over the city. Now having lived here for over 25 years lots of things have come and gone however The 40 and Houston’s are a few that have stood the test of time.

Now we will break this article down into four areas of the City of Brandon

North (anything over the 18th Street bridge)

Downtown ( Between 1st to 18th Street and between Pacific and north side of Victoria )

Central / South ( Between 1st to 18th Street and between south side of Victoria and Richmond )

West ( anything west of 18th street to the Victoria Inn)


This will be part 1 of 2 – West and North




The North 40 – the name says it all for mostly the 40 and over crowd that love Helix, Prism, and Trooper. However sometimes newer acts that are touring will stop at the 40.

North Hill Inn – Karoake on Wednesday and Sunday nights maybe not the best place to go on a first date, put it that way. Decades ago this was the cool place to be.



North 40 – Lots and lots of machines to choose from and the bar is open normal hours

North Hill Inn – 5 machines and don’t bank on ordering any food and you might get bar service

Smitty’s Trans Canada – 4 machines in the back and food and drinks served 7 days a week


Boston Pizza coming soon behind McDonalds

Chalet Trans Canada – Years ago I know people would love breakfast at this place however over the years it would be safe to say it needs a coat of paint at the least.

Pizza Hut – Subway – A & W – Mc’s – Quizno’s – Tims are all on the Trans Canada

Smittys – always solid and large menu of items

Husky & Humpty’s – also maybe don’t go on your first date

Beef & Barrel – Have to admit the first time I was thinking are you kidding however without a doubt one of the hidden gems in the city with amazing food quality. They could use a few TV’s.

Montanas – Great value and good for b day parties and before Wheat King games

McDonalds, Subway and Starbucks at the Coral Centre no new food operations being opened in the near future in this area

Patches – not sure I have ventured in the doors but supposed to be pretty decent value and quality

Lee’s Chinese – Sergio Lee and his wife are now gone however still one of the best Chinese Buffet’s in the city.

Trails West – Typical menu with a pretty good breakfast and lunch crowd

Lady of the Lake – Homemade types of food and as well a great selection of desserts

Alberts – almost forgot sitting behind the Lakeview Inn is a very busy place and overall very good menu and the atmosphere is ok overall



Houston’s – located on Victoria at the Royal Oak Inn does a very good business on Thursday and Saturday nights. Over the years Papa Roach and Buckcherry have performed.


Victoria Inn – dozens of machines and good food and drinks available plus open very late

Echo / Royal Oak Inn – also dozens of machines and bar and food available late as well

Kam Lung – 10 machines and closes early and some food and drinks available until only 9pm  or 10pm


Victoria Inn – love the brunch on Sundays and a decent menu with overall pretty good value and great appetizers

Royal Oak Inn / Echo Restaurant & Wine Bar – amazing pizza’s and a cool laid back place to hang out with friends…..good decorating

Houstons – has a very good steak sandwich and fries deal at lunch of Fridays for 8 bucks so cheap and good value

Chilli Chutney – East Indian food the location has had many other business’s over the last 2 decades lets hope this works for these people

Astoria Pizza – is at Clemenson’s on Rosser Ave and only pick up or delivery.  Overall the pizza is ok not sure it is the same quality as when it was on Vic and 26th

Kam Lung Chinese – in my opinion has fallen off a bit since Sergio Lee and his family sold it… the buffet is ok and overall it gets a passing grade

Fired Pizza – different menu of “street food” and pizza this is a much better option than Vern’s Pizza

Mum’s – amazing breakfast and a very busy place for breakfast and lunch

Pizza Hotline – really good value you can buy like 4 large pizzas for 30 bucks

Sushi Hut – I have only been once and it seems to do an ok business

McDonalds – Subway – Tims all located in the West End