Why do casinos offer bonuses?


You don’t get anything in life for free, that is something you hear all the time. From a young age, the adage, there is no such thing as free lunch is drilled into you. You start to find out, as your grow up, that there seems always to be a catch or a sinister reason why companies are offering you deals that seem great. Surely they are doing something to catch you out. Surely they have a reason for giving you something for what seems like nothing.


This has been proved many times by research. Those offers like 3 for 2 and buy one get one free always look great, but studies show that they usually aren’t. We see adverts on TV for things like Black Friday or for huge price cuts, but when you do a deep dive, they turn out to be not so great. As usatoday.com have noted in a story, Black Friday is actually a very bad day to shop and one that lulls you into a false sense of security and gets you to part with your cash based on a false assumption that you are getting a bonus of some kind.


This can mean that we start to treat all deals through suspicious eyes. We start to wonder if a good deal does actually exist, we consider if companies are always tricking us and we can never be rewarded for being good customers. When offers from casinos come up we are particularly suspicious. Doesn’t the house always win, we think. Do casinos not always come away with our money? Does anyone actually win at casinos.


Unfortunately this can mean we miss amazing deals like the ones at the-casinobonus.com which can help you to make bets, to win money and to have fun playing great online casino games without having to put any of your own money on the line. People should make sure to put their worries to one side and consider some reasons why casinos are giving away these bonuses, there are reasons that, if you understand and then use them to your advantage, that can help you to win big.


The key reason, is competition and new competition from inside the sector. In the old days, before casinos were online, they were usually very big places with little competition for miles around. Outside of city hotspots like Vegas or Atlantic City, very few casinos existed close to each other. This mean that if a customer wanted to leave or try a new place, it was very tough for them. They could not just easily switch over to a new casino, that would mean trying to find somewhere and then travelling there at great cost and hassle.


Now though, that is no longer a problem, if you are bored with the online casino you are using, you can just go to a new one, it’s simply a click of a button away. You don’t have to drive anywhere, you don’t have to do much research, you just need to do a quick google and then you are away. This means that online casinos need to do something to keep you, they need to entice to them and then charm you to make sure you don’t change.
This is the main reason they give you bonuses, to inspire loyalty and to try and get you over to their site and then stop you from changing. If you are smart, you can use websites that give you information about bonuses and then keep switching providers. You don’t need to stick with one place, the internet has empowered us in new and exciting ways and it is important that we take advantage of that.


Another reason they need to offer bonuses, is to make sure that you feel like you are ahead, if you don’t know when to stop playing, starting off with free money and winning can make you feel invincible and spend more than you want to. You need to be patient and quit when you are ahead. Gambling is about being responsible, its about not spending too much and it’s about keeping a level head


If you can do that, as well as be willing to swap providers to use up as many different bonuses as possible, then the new age of online casinos can work very well for you.