WRSA declares BYSA a “Member Not in Good Standing”



BRANDON—July 10, 2018—The Westman Regional Soccer Association (WRSA) has officially declared the Brandon Youth Soccer Association (BYSA) a “member not in good standing.”

As such, BYSA is now a non-sanctioned entity and is no longer eligible to receive any services from WRSA, and all current services being utilized will cease immediately. All BYSA teams, players and coaches are barred from competing in any sanctioned leagues, tournaments or competitions, regardless of when they registered or if the league or competition has already begun. As a non-sanctioned entity, WRSA cannot say that BYSA is insured with MSA/Sport Manitoba.

It is with great disappointment WRSA had to take this step once again with this association, but it was not receiving the support required from BYSA to successfully run youth soccer programming in the region.

On April 13, 2018, WRSA sent a letter to BYSA’s Board of Directors outlining concerns regarding the working relationship between WRSA and BYSA’s Staff and executive committee and the remainder of the BYSA board. The letter highlighted how the executive committee was making independent decisions that undermined the policies and procedures of the WRSA, and how some of these executive decisions and lack of communication prevented the BYSA board of directors from collaborating and working as a unified body during a pivotal time in the history of the association. These actions have prevented WRSA from establishing a strong working relationship and effective partnership with BYSA and caused unnecessary confusion and frustration for our members (players, parents, coaches).

The letter sent in April also warned BYSA that if they could not uphold their responsibilities as a WRSA member there would be further disciplinary action. BYSA exhibited no changes in its actions and continued in failing to fulfil its responsibilities, therefore, WRSA is left with no choice but to declare BYSA a “member not in good standing.”

The following disciplinary actions are being assessed to BYSA for non-compliance and failure to fulfill the responsibilities of a WRSA member community:

1. BYSA is being fined $500.00 for the unnecessary use of WRSA’s time and resources and the undue hardship to members (coaches, parents, players) that was caused by BYSA’s non-compliance. In addition to the fine, WRSA also mandates a Performance Bond of $2000.00 which will be returned to BYSA upon maintaining member in good standing status for one year.

2. BYSA’s executive committee must follow all By-Laws of the association, specifically as they relate to the functions and powers of the Executive Committee to “overrule” or change motions that have been passed by the BYSA Board of Directors.

3. BYSA’s Board of Directors must undergo board governance training.

4. BYSA must undergo an audit by a third party and share the full documentation of the audit with its membership and the regional association WRSA.

BYSA will remain a member not in good standing until all of the above conditions have been met.

WRSA’s top priority is keeping kids on the field and playing. We are stronger together and can improve the quality of youth soccer in Westman, but only when all involved parties understand their roles and responsibilities and fulfill them.