ZOOperstars at Andrews Field this Tuesday, July 2nd


Zooperstars! are coming to Brandon’s Andrews Field on Tuesday, July 2nd. This is a performance you don’t want to miss. Enjoy this fun-filled act between innings of the Wheat City Whiskey Jacks game vs. the Souris Valley Sabre Dogs. Based in Louisville, Kentucky they have been using comedy, acrobatics, tricks and maneuvers accompanied by synchronized dancing to entertain fans for 20 years.

“The unique show features hilarious inflatable characters with clever names such as Harry Canary, Tommy Laswordfish, Clammy Sosa, Shark McGwire, and many more!  The performance combines synchronized dance routines, acrobatics, tricks and comedy for performances that connect with fans of all ages. Yes, adults often laugh harder than the kids! “.

Source: http://www.zooperstars.com/best-promotions-acts-minor-league-baseball.html

The company has also made multiple appearances on America’s Got Talent and have performed for over 200 different sports teams around the world.

For tickets go to: https://tickets.wheatcitywhiskeyjacks.com/events/10900-souris-valley-sabre-dogs-whiskey-jacks