Bella’s Bistro Bites, all natural gourmet dog treats made locally in Brandon

Photo: Bella's Bistro Bites

A new home based business featuring all natural gourmet dog treats recently opened for business in Brandon. Bella’s Bistro Bites owners, Jason and Tammy, have a love for dogs and realized over time that the quality of store bought dog treats were becoming increasingly frightening with additives and chemicals they couldn’t even pronounce. Having a great respect for dogs and their diets they decided to open up an in home “barkery” named Bella’s Bistro Bites (BBB), so they can share their fantastic gourmet treats with dogs all over.

The owners live in Brandon with their 2 dogs–Temple and Bella. Both of them have been around dogs their whole lives and have been in and around the dog world in one way or another, from grooming to dog shows.

BBB treats are made with only human grade ingredients that are all natural. There are never any preservatives or additives. They also offer grain free and gluten free treats upon request. Everything is made fresh to order so you can rest assure that you are getting the freshest possible treats for your beloved dog. All treats are available in a variety of sizes to suit your dog’s needs.

To place an order, or for a product listing, please click this link.

Photo: Bella’s Bistro Bites
Photo: Bella’s Bistro Bites
Photo: Bella’s Bistro Bites