BPS arrest sixteen individuals over four months in connection to Trafficking Stolen Property


Source: Brandon Police Service Media Release

From September of 2021 until January 2022, members of the Brandon Police Service Major Crime Section, Crime Suppression Unit and General Patrol have been investigating those responsible for a large portion of the commercial and residential property offences (break and enters / thefts) in Brandon and the surrounding communities.  Many of the businesses targeted by thieves were construction related.  A lot of the stolen property consisted of power tools and equipment.

Throughout this time, multiple investigations and eight search warrants to residential properties were executed in which investigators recovered an extensive amount of stolen property, the replacement value is now estimated to exceed $100,000.  In addition to this property, two stolen vehicles were recovered, which led police to recover even more stolen property and illicit drugs.  Going through all of the recovered stolen property has proven to be very labor-intensive for investigators.  Some of the property will never be returned or connected with the rightful owners, as the serial numbers were not recorded prior to the thefts.  Investigators suspect that further charges would have been possible had the recovered stolen property been connected to specific incident reports.

Sixteen individuals have been arrested in connection with these investigations and eleven of them have been charged with trafficking stolen property.

Investigators have found connections between the individuals involved in these crimes.  Trafficking in stolen property is directly tied to and influenced by the meth drug trade.

Seven of the residential search warrants were executed on October 13, 2021, November 11, 2021 and November 25, 2021, and were previously reported on our webpage.  The two recovered stolen vehicles were also reported on our webpage.

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https://www.brandon.ca/news/media-releases/29-october-2021 (stolen vehicle and 8.8 grams of meth recovered)

On December 21, 2021, at 11:00 am, members of the Major Crime Section with the assistance of the Crime Suppression Unit executed the eighth search warrant at a residential property on Wankling Blvd.  The search of the residence led to the recovery of stolen goods consisting of numerous power tools, a drone, and clothing all believed to be stolen.  Arrested from the residence was a 48-year-old male, Robby BALLINGGALL.  He was later released and will appear in court on March 3, 2022, on a charge of Possession of Property Obtained by Crime for the Purpose of Trafficking.

Due to the volume of property recovered from the eighth search, the investigation continued.  Police also recovered a long gun, a small amount of meth and a ballistic helmet.  As of January 26, 2022, BALLINGALL now faces additional charges of CDSA Possession of Methamphetamine, Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm, Possess Firearm Contrary to a Prohibition Order, Fail to Comply with Release Order X2, and under the Body Armour & Fortified Vehicle Control Act – Possession of Body Armour without a Permit.

The following individuals have each appeared in court on charges of Possession of Property Obtained by Crime for the Purpose of Trafficking:

Robert CRIGGIE (male age 34)
Trevor LINKLATOR (male age 37)
Cody CARDINAL (male age 39)
Nelson LECKIE (male 47)
Christopher LALIBERTY (male age 38)
Catherine SHINGOOSE aka ANGUS (female age 44)
Terence KIMBALL (male age 44)
Dillon DOWSWELL (male age 30) 

The following males have appeared in court on charges of Possession of Property Obtained by Crime for the Purpose of Trafficking and under the CDSA – Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking Meth:

Anthony Campbell (male age 35)
Richard BEAM (male age 49)

The following individual has appeared in court on a charge of Possession For the Purpose of Trafficking Meth:

Craig FINLEY (male age 51)

The following individual has appeared in court on a charge of Possession of Property Obtained by Crime:

Cameron YUEN (male age 21)

The following Individual has appeared in court on a charge of Take Motor Vehicle without Owner’s Consent:

Brianna BALLANTYNE (female age 28)

Two other individuals, a 39-year-old male and a 35-year-old female have also been arrested on December 19, 2021 and will each appear in court on March 3, 2022 on Charges of Possession of Property Obtained by Crime X2.