Brandon Small Business Feature – PETMOBILE MOBILE VET CLINIC


For people who own pets they realize that going to the vet for their dogs or cats can be stressful for them. This is where Brandon’s Petmobile and Dr. Liana Mawer comes to the rescue.

BDNMB – Basically walk us through this. Do people call or Email to set up an appointment and you will come to their home with basically a Vet Clinic on wheels?
Dr. Liana Mawer – Yes that is correct we can perform most routine tests and examinations.

BDNMB – So would you look after or help anything other than cats or dogs?
Dr. Liana Mawer – No just basically cats and dogs.

BDNMB – How long has the Petmobile been in existence in Brandon?
Dr. Liana Mawer – We have been in business now for over one year and many people do not know we exist.

BDNMB – What makes you different?
Dr. Liana Mawer – Low stress handling techniques using minimal restraint and trying to do things in a manner that will reduce pet stress. Plus we use Feliway sprays that are products that have a scent that smells like a lactating mom and has been shown to reduce stress.

BDNMB – How can people reach you?
Dr Liana Mawer – Cell 204 573 7266